Sports & Recreational Activities



The Summer Place sports and recreational program allows campers to choose from an assortment of activities based on their interests. For the camper who wants to play a sport, we offer a variety of team sports, such as flag football, baseball, and soccer, as well as individual sports, such as tennis and archery. For the camper who wants a less competitive approach or more variety on a day-to-day basis, we offer courses like recreational swimming, yoga, game of the day, dance, and cheerleading. It is our hope that through the combination of these offerings, all campers will be able to design a program that meets their individual needs. All sports and recreational activities take place at the University’s Sports Center, nearby buildings, and surrounding athletic fields.

Grades 5–9:
Participate in three 50-minute, recreational activity periods each morning.

Grades 1–4:
Participate in three 35-minute, afternoon recreational activity periods, with a 20-minute Whole Group Activity (organized games for the whole group, including relay races and a variety of tag games) and a Popsicle break between offerings. This allows us to bring all of our younger campers together and helps with the transition to their next class. (Grades 1–2 campers with early dismissal participate in the first two recreational activities and are dismissed at Popsicle break.)

View descriptions of the starred activities. Unless otherwise indicated, the courses are available to all grade levels.

Archery (Gr. 3–9)
Baseball/Softball (Gr. 5–9)
Board Games
Cheerleading *
Dance *
Fitness Training * (Gr. 5–9)
Flag Football (Gr. 3–9)


Game of the Day *
Go Girls *
Indoor Soccer
Karate *
Lacrosse (Gr. 5–9)
Recreational Swim *


Sport Pals * (Gr. 1–2)
Street Hockey (Gr. 3–9)
Swim Lessons *
Tee Ball / Kickball (Gr. 1–4)
Tennis / Net Games *
Yard Games * (Gr. 1–4)


Campers may not participate in the same recreational activity more than once each session, but may repeat an activity in a different session. Only one swim period (lessons or recreational) per camper is allowed each session.

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