Grade 1-2

All About Apps Session II, III
Want to write computer code, explore the world or become a citizen scientist? Want to be a filmmaker and make stop motion animations? If so, join us at All About Apps, where we’ll use iPads to learn, explore, and create. Along the way, you’ll earn badges to recognize your accomplishments, such as writing lines of code using game apps, contributing observations of nature online using Project Noah, and “hiking” rainforests, ancient ruins and glaciers. We will even hold an Angry Birds tournament, projecting the game on-screen, and then head outdoors to play a life-size version of the game!

Be-Dazzled Boutique Session I
Make your favorite accessories shine in the Summer Place Be-Dazzled Boutique! Work with gems and jewels to create glittery headbands, dazzling bracelets, and sparkly beads. Add shimmery jewels to all of your favorite summertime outfits so your friends can spot you from far away as you glimmer in the sun!

The Big Dig Session III
Roll up your sleeves and dig into the exciting world of rocks, crystals, and fossils! Join us as we grow our own crystals, learn how to identify rocks, and pan for real gold in a homemade river. Join the excavation team as we dig up an entire dinosaur skeleton and put it together. Amaze your parents by making and painting your own mold of a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and Oviraptor claw to bring home!


Bee-Bots Session I, III
Meet Bee-bot, a programmable robot that responds to your every command! This little robotic bee zooms through obstacles, races to complete mazes, and can be programmed to complete a dazzling array of challenges. You’ll take command of your own Bee-bot, learn how to give it commands, and watch it buzz around the room according to the directions that you give it. We’ll have your Bee-bot run races, navigate mazes, and compete against other Bee-bots to be the leader of the hive!

Calling All Cooks! Session I
Hungry? Let’s get together in the kitchen and learn how to make some delicious morning treats. While mastering some basic kitchen skills, we’ll cook dishes like Create-Your-Own Omelet, French Toast Casserole, Breakfast Burritos, Summer Fruit Salad, and Homemade Granola. What a yummy way to start the day!

Claytime Session I
What could be more fun than getting messy as you create a whole bunch of fabulous projects using different types of clay—from mini finger puppets and toad houses for your garden, to families of animal friends? Once all of your creations have dried, you will have a chance to add color to each design. Create a hand puppet and dress it up before putting on a final puppet show with friends during our last class! It’s claytime!

Construction Zone Session I
Do you love to build? Grab your hard hat and enter the construction zone! Build and paint a model racecar and design your own sailboat and watch it float. Using LEGO® bricks, giant building blocks, and cardboard boxes, we’ll build forts and lemonade stands, and even design our own miniature golf course and golf clubs.

Cookie Caper NEW Session II
Everybody loves cookies! Satisfy your sweet tooth and learn the secrets of baking delicious cookies. From the ever popular chocolate chip to delicious holiday treats like ruggelach or pizzelles, you will try your hand at a different cookie each day. So fill up those cookie jars and become your family’s favorite baker!

Crazy Chemistry Session I, II, III
Become a Summer Place chemist as you discover and experiment with basic science concepts. Explode pop rockets, launch a huge 50-foot solar balloon, get lost in a dry-ice cloud, create gooey slimes, send geysers of soda high into the sky, create “worms” and “snow” by mixing just the right liquids and powders, and even shake-and-make ice cream. This course is sure to excite the curiosity of all future scientists!

Crazy Creatures NEW Session I, II, III
Did you know that an iguana has three eyes? Or that hedgehogs have over 5,000 quills? Come along with Priscilla the Sugar Glider from Australia, Puck the Uromastyx Lizard from Africa, and many other live animals, as we actively explore animal adaptations for survival in the wild. This course, taught by a professional animal caretaker from the Wildlife Sanctuary at The Children’s Museum, is a rare opportunity for an up-close-and-personal look at the exciting world of exotic animals as well as a hands-on experience with some of our native creatures.


Delicious Destinations NEW Session III
Join us as we let our imaginations take us to a different delicious destination each day. It’s off to the ball park where we’ll roll, shape and bake our own pretzels, grill a hot dog, and mix a batch of Cracker Jacks. Next, to a birthday party where we’ll bake and decorate a special cake, make a facy fruit punch, and ice cream sundaes. Where to next? The destinations are endless and so is the food!

Fairy Footsteps Session II
Travel to the Enchanted Forest of Fairy Land! As fairies, you will decorate your own wings, design a wand, create magic wishing dust, and go exploring into the woods to create a fairy house. There is so much to do, such as preparing forest cookies for the Fairy Queen and making masks to wear at the Starlight Ball. And there are so many fairies you can be—water fairies, air fairies, animal fairies—just to name a few! Each of them have their own magical skills. Let your imagination be your magic! Which fairy is waiting inside of you?

Food Art NEW Session II
Have you ever wanted to play with your food and NOT get in trouble? Playing with your food is expected in this course. Explore the many ways to make food into amazing works of art. From vegetable faces to mummy hotdogs and Chewbacca Noodles to meatball birds in a pasta nest—you are guaranteed to have fun creating food art in this class. Take home a book of the best edible creations at the end of the session to share with your family and friends, but better than that, you get to eat your artwork.

Kings, Queens and Dragon Tales Session III
Enter the fairy tale kingdom and imagine you are a king, queen, or jester. Create towering castles with secret passageways, fanciful crowns, and horses you can ride around the kingdom. Set your imagination soaring with exciting stories about fierce dragons, brave knights, magical wizards, and so much more! A new adventure awaits you every day.

Loco for LEGO® Session II, III
Calling all LEGO® fans! Come and compete in building challenges as we take an exciting LEGO journey. We’ll build people for our LEGO town and cars for them to drive in. Then we’ll construct an entire city, complete with a fire station, an airport, and even a market. At the end of the two-week adventure, you’ll have your own kit to mix up more LEGO madness at home. LEGO Land is waiting for you!

The Learning Zone Sessions I, II, III
The Learning Zone is an enrichment course option offered to Summer Place campers who could benefit from small-group academic instruction in reading, math, written expression, and study skills. The class is offered to students entering grades one through nine. Groups meet in a relaxed, air-conditioned space that is highly conducive to learning.

The Summer Place learning-skills specialist focuses on an individual plan for each student, based on the needs of the child. The Learning Zone teacher will contact each parent prior to the summer to gather the information needed to develop an educational plan. The specialist will then teach, model, and reinforce the concepts and learning strategies necessary to achieve each student’s specific goals. At the end of each two-week session, parents will receive a written report that summarizes progress made and current achievement levels. This report may, in turn, be passed on to the student’s teachers in the fall.

Summer Place campers may enroll in a Learning Zone course in each session they attend. A nominal fee of $250 per Learning Zone course is charged for this individualized program. For additional information on this special option, please call the Summer Place office.

Minecraft Session I, II
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an eager newbie, team up with your friends to create, craft, and explore in the exciting world of Minecraft. You’ll start by learning the basics of building structures, gathering resources, and crafting tools, allowing you to build your very own world. The only limit to your adventure is your imagination! Note: No Minecraft account needed.

Mo, Please! NEW Session I
We want Mo! Mo what? Mo Willems, of course! Come celebrate the crazy characters and silly situations dreamed up by author-illustrator Mo Willems. We’ll read the stories and learn to doodle and draw like Mo. Act out and act up as we pretend to be Gerald the Elephant, Piggie, and Knuffle Bunny. We’ll even sneak a bite of Nanette’s Baguette! Join in the fun, but remember, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Nature’s Playground Session II
Are you ready to enjoy the excitement of the natural world? You will learn how to build a den from branches, make twig boats to sail across a pond, and go on a voyage to find tiny insects and creatures. We’ll play games, make nature-based crafts, and venture out on lively adventures. This class will convince you to turn off that television and go and play outside!

Neverland Pirates NEW Session III
Come join in on the fun as we become pirates just like Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Designing and making authentic Summer Place pirate maps is just the beginning. We will find places to hide treasure and even learn how to make gold doubloons. Create a pirate code for your treasure map that even Captain Hook could not break! But being a pirate isn’t all about the treasure. You will get to build your own pirate ship out of clay, hear mysterious stories about famous pirates, and create your own pirate tales. Of course eating pirate booty is a must!


Splatter Paint Session III
What can you make your paint do? Grab your goggles and let’s find out! Splat, puff, pop! In this fun, interactive class, you’ll be able to splatter paint across the paper like abstract artist Jackson Pollock. You’ll make puffy paint and then use it to produce three-dimensional art. And you’ll pop paint-filled balloons on paper to make one-of-a-kind abstract art pieces. Are you ready? Let’s add more color to your world!

Woodworking Session I, II
Use your mind, muscle, and creativity as you turn wood into something wonderful! Design and build a variety of projects while learning how to use hammers, saws, sanders, drills, and other hand tools. You’ll gain new skills and confidence and are guaranteed to have lots of fun. Both beginning and experienced woodworkers are welcome!

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